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06.07.2006, 08:35
Schaut euch mal das hier an, wollte nicht die ganze Seite hier reinkopieren *g*

Welcome to LiftPort Group – The Space Elevator Companies

The LiftPort Group (LPG) is dedicated to building a mass transportation system to open up access to the inner solar system (LEO, GEO, the Moon, Mars, and asteroids). The Space Elevator will be at the heart of this revolutionary transportation service. By opening up broad-based access to Earth orbits and the inner solar system, LPG will help bring about the creation of entire new markets. Based in space commerce, these new markets can only become viable through safe, inexpensive, routine access to the inner solar system. In short, we at LiftPort Group believe that development of the space elevator is a crucial step in the future of Earth and space.

Mehr Infos... (http://www.liftport.com/)

Edit: und noch was gefunden dazu *g*:

Infos auf deutsch bei der ESA (http://www.esa.int/esaCP/SEM9BT71Y3E_Germany_2.html)

Seite in Blockform (http://www.spaceelevator.com/)

06.07.2006, 20:59
wär doch was :oha: :stopfi: