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11.12.2007, 22:05
Kategorie: Nu Metal / Metal Core
Label: Roadrunner Records
Release: 08 Januar 2008


Enigma is the title of Ill Niño's fourth studio album, due for release in January 8, 2008

This will be the band's first LP released through Cement Shoes Records. The album's first single "Alibi of Tyrants" was released to radio on April 22. Recently the band has claimed beeing filming three videos for the songs "The Alibi of Tyrants", "Me Gusta La Soledad" and "Pieces of the Sun". The album was originally due for a July 17 release, but was recently pushed back to October 9, 2007. A recent video on the band's myspace confirms another delay of the album. As of now, the release date is set for January 8, 2008. However, Ill Niño has promised to release a track on the 8th of every month until the album's release, on the band's MySpace page and official site. The first of these tracks was "The Alibi Of Tyrants" in August, "Finger Painting (With the Enemy)" in September, "Guerilla Carnival" in October, "Hot Summer's Tragedy" in November and "Compulsion Of Virus And Fever" in December.

1. The Alibi of Tyrants - 3:53
2. Hot Summer's Tragedy - 5:06
3. Compulsion of Virus and Fever - 4:24
4. Finger-Painting (With the Enemy) - 4:06
5. March Against Me -
6. 2012 -
7. Pieces of the Sun -
8. Formal Defense -
9. Estoy Perdido -
10. De Sangre Hermosa -
11. Kellogg's, Bombs, and Cracker-Jacks -
12. Guerrilla Carnival - 3:39
13. Me Gusta La Soledad -



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