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30.08.2011, 11:32
Wie man wards richtig setzt: Ward (http://s1102.photobucket.com/albums/g441/AwwGasm/Summoners%20Rift/)

30.08.2011, 11:44

I will categorize the wards by priority.

First priority (marked as "1" on the map) are the wards revealing the Dragon and Baron Nashor. These two creatures are very essensial for winning the game.
After the Dragon spawns (2:30 min) you should have a ward on him and gank your enemies if they try to take it.
Also when the mid game begins you also want to ward baron because taking it your enemies will have great advantage.
Second priority are the buff monsters (marked naturally as "2" on the map). The buff monsters provide really good buffs so your enemies will want them. The places they are at, can also be reached by many ways. So if you place a ward on the right place, you can cover 5 - 6 ways plus the buffs so badly needed for the win.
Third priority (not marked on the map) are the wards preventing the ganks on your lanes.
Fourth priority (not marked on the map) are places where you can just cover a fair number of ways or just the most used gank places. Warding such places is most usefull if you push. (e.g. if you push top, ward the ganking places in the top forest so you wont be surprised).


31.08.2011, 18:31
eine weitere gute übersicht findet man hier:


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