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16.09.2015, 18:55
Das Team von Valve hat jetzt einen neuen Patch für den Team-Shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive veröffentlicht, der auf einige Kritiken und Wünsche der Fans eingeht.

So haben die Entwickler unter anderem sämtliche Körperanimationen der Spielercharaktere ausgetauscht, und auch bei den Waffenanimationen gibt es einige Änderungen. Zudem hat das Team ein Problem beseitigt, bei dem Teile einer Waffe durch Türen, Wände und andere Oberflächen durchgucken konnten. Des Weiteren wurde die Hitbox überarbeitet, was ebenfalls ein lange geäußerter Wunsch der Community war.

Patch-Notes für Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


Replaced all player body animations (Existing character models retained for demo compatibility)
Replaced all world model weapon animation
Updated shared player skeleton
Re-rigged all player model geometry and player scaffold animation
Updated animation networking to continually synchronize animation state instead of periodically latching
Player animation sequence selection is now server-initiated
Added new player states including bomb defusal and ladder climb poses
Added thirdperson weapon deploy animations to more accurately represent viewmodel deploy state
Extended all vertical aim matrix ranges to encompass the majority of vertical aim pitch so weapons line up precisely to firing angle
Added reverse-bone-merge animation support so weapon models can store and play independent animation on the player holding them
Added support for arbitrary numbers of articulated mechanical parts on world weapon models
Updated weapon world model articulation points, bodygroup presets, holster positions and reverse-bone-merge skeletons
Added physics motion to holstered attachment weapon locations
Added support for non-polygonal capsule-shaped hit volumes, defined by a line segment and radius
Replaced shared hitboxes with new capsule-based set
Rebuilt player ragdoll angular constraints, physics hulls, and interaction pairs
Ragdolls now assume more exact pose of their parent player on physics init
Re-built animation statemachine to support blending locomotion over any weapon aim or action poses
Enabled support for dynamic player animation layer re-ordering
Sequence blendlayers now correctly contribute to computed cyclerate
Added defuser cables and multimeter model
Added hlmv support for capsule rendering, submodel attachment previewing, ragdoll constraint limit and bone name rendering, plus numerous small fixes
Added model format support for named bodygroups, combined physics hulls, activity modifiers and animation system specific metadata


Fixed a bug where the mini-scoreboard armor/helmet information was not displaying for coaches
Added sv_show_voip_indicator_for_enemies server convar. If set, it will make it so the ‘voice chat’ icon shows over enemy players as well as allies when they are using their microphone.
Added sv_showbullethits feature to visualize server-confirmed hits and near-misses on listen servers


Fixed improper stencil state in glow pass rendering


Added dynamic player culling to prevent players and weapons poking through thin walls and revealing their position
M4A1-S: Reduced price, Reduced armor penetration, Reduced ROF, Increased base spread
Zeus x27: Reduced price to $100
Dual Berettas: Increased armor penetration, Increased range modifier


Added viewmodel position lerp to gotv camera transitions


Players can now report enemies for anti-competitive griefing (i.e. deliberately losing).